• Carolyne Mweberi

    Carolyne Mweberi

    Product Marketing Lead | B2B SaaS | CX Strategist | My real passion is introducing and scaling new products and technologies into nascent markets in Africa

  • Matt Nemer

    Matt Nemer

    Matt Nemer is a leading Wall Street research analyst with 20 years of experience. He is currently on the executive team at Hims Inc. Visit mattnemer.com.

  • Luke McGrath

    Luke McGrath

  • Mason Yates

    Mason Yates

    Portfolio Analyst @BlackbirdVentures & Mentor @Startmate

  • Carlos Márquez

    Carlos Márquez

  • KmB


    Australian Writer, dreamer and future owner of the greatest vinyl collection in the the cosiest study of all time. Trifles and Tidbits

  • Karthi Sepulohniam

    Karthi Sepulohniam

    Venture debt @ Partners for Growth Australia

  • Niklas


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